Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Art of Bargaining?

Pisa, Italy

My first real experience of bargaining was in Beijing, China. I never really have a chance of bargaining when I was in my hometown or in Australia where I had my uni.
Me, such an untrained bargain-er, usually I hardly get the real good deal. I was never pushy enough. I will just give up and pay. I think the vendor need to make some living too. Rite? Or am I just being too nice?

Today, a bunch of aunties wanna buy some souvenir umbrellas from a sad looking Bangladeshi guy; an umbrella for 3 euro. I think it's a reasonable price. But the aunties wants cheaper and cheaper price. Btw, they sell the same umbrella on the stall for 5 euro. So it was really a bargain! Yet it's not enough for those aunties.

Some aunties will say "Don't bargain anymore, these ppl are poor. A euro or two doesn't mean anything for us, but means a lot to them"
And some will answer "That's the beauty of bargaining, I want to win! I want to get the cheapest price compare to u all"
And she end up buying like a dozen of umbrellas, which I believe she'll never ever use at all....

What do u think?

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